Anyang ST only focuses on power hammer design, producing, and improving. Anyang hammers are always on the way to be better.


Team members have 20+ years of experience on producing power hammers, we ever worked in the big forging machinery factory.


In Stock sales, delivery time within 30 days will take some time to custom electronics according to different countries’ electrical standards.

anyang hammer
Anyang power hammers


Anyang power hammer made by ST is self-contained design hammers do not need extra compressor air supply, more solid casting frame integrated air channel, longer ram design prevents the top die from retracting into the cylinder.  More power, better control, and low noise, and easy to maintain by users. 


anyang hammer

Anyang ST hammer longer ram design.

A longer ram design than other hammers allows the top die keep out of the cylinder, it makes changing dies easier, and dies with holes allow installing DIY forging tools.

ST Hammer allow installing DIY die

hammer frame

Sol id Frame Casting.

Anyang St hammer frames are iron cast by a big foundry in China. Solid casting, strictly on quality controlling and weight than other poor hammers over 40%.

sow block

Combined Heavy Sow Block.

Tow pieces combined sow block design is complicated for production and expensive for cost, but ST insists to make it because that can make die alignment is better.

hammer oiler

Better oiler & stainless valve.

Anyang ST fabricating oiler is cleaner than casting, use a stainless needle valve and checking valve, they make lubrication is more reliable and avoid black oil gas.


Automobile Painting Process.

Anyang ST hammers chose the same painting process as automobiles, make every hammer is noble, we accept custom color service for free.

power hammer standing

Fabricating Standing.

Anyang ST hammers with fabricating standing rise bottom die at the right height, make your forging work more comfortable. filled with sand or concrete can reduce shake and noise.

anyang hammer

Test Running Before Delivery.

Every Anyang ST hammers will be test running before packed and delivered, make sure all customers can run it after plugin.

exhaust system

Cleaner Exhaust System.

Anyang ST make hammers exhaust port beside, it will allow install an air filter or connect pipe out of the shop, it will make your shop air keep good.

Why Anyang ST hammer hit energy is heavier than others.

New Improvements on Anyang ST Hammer:

  • More solid heavy frame casting, weight rise 8%, lower forging efficiency losing.
  • One-piece piston design, no extra piston plate, zero failure rate than AFP design.
  • Special material (same to used on High-Speed Rail ) piston pin bushing, working life at least 5 years than others 2 years.
  • Special holder design for oiler, don’t destroy frame casting strength and stop leaking on bolts.
  • ……. more improvements on the way.

Anyang ST Hammer Parameter

parameter power hammer

ST Power Hammer Overall and Packing Dimension

power hammer dimension

Global Service Team

Anyang ST will supply excellent service all over the world, we had dealers in the USA, UK, Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines … etc countries can supply local service: sales in stock, training, repairing, dies, and parts. learn more.

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Anyang ST Power Hammer Videos

Derek Melton shear his feeling of STH-15 power hammer
Nigel Barnett Artist Blacksmith- Introducing the new Anyang ST power hammers!
Doobs share his feeling when receiving his 25kg power hammer

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  1. Hello, I have interest to purchase 40 kg with 240 volt Single phase at 60 hertz motor. Please advise on cost of hammer and shipping to port at New Orleans, Louisiana USA. Cheers, Aaron

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  2. I’d like FOB price for both a C41 15 power hammer and a C41 25 power hammer delivered to Auckland NZ. I live on Northshore

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