Anyang ST Power Hammer STH-15KG / 33lbs

anyang hammer
Anyang STH – 15KG / 33lbs power hammer

Anyang ST 15kg power hammer (33lbs) is a smart and mini-sized hammer that is used to make knives, blades, small wrought irons, ironwares, copper wares, etc.

SHT-15kg Parameters:

anyang hammer
  • Ram weight: 15kg / 33lbs.
  • Blows per min: 300.
  • Die face(mm): 70*50.
  • Tup axis to frame -D (mm): 170.
  • Working height(mm): 920.
  • Height includes base H2 (mm): 1570.
  • Floor space L1*L2(mm): 920*600.
  • Total weight(Kg): 540.
  • Motor: single phase/ 2.2KW/1440RPM.

Pictures of Anyang ST 15kg hammers.

15kg power hammer working videos

Mr. Derek Melton make knife on 15kg power hammer in USA