anyang hammer

Why does Anyang ST power hammer hit energy more than others?

The hit energy (P) figures are a mathematical representation that was arrived at by comparing the speed(V)and weight of the ram(M), P=1/2*M*V². Besides that Anvil weight also is very important for forging efficiency, because it will decide how much energy losing when forging. that’s why a hammer of a given size will forge with more force against a heavier anvil compared with a hammer that has a lighter anvil.

  • Anyang ST increases anvil weight. Anyang ST hammer became thicker and thicker, ST power hammer is one piece casting hammer that anvil together with the frame, so it will bring anvil weight heavier and heavier, then will help reduce hit energy hammer casting
  • Anyang ST tries to make the stroke longer and longer, it not only can allow big bars but also can supply enough glide distance to make the top die get higher speed when forging, the speed (V) is one very important item for hit energy. Anyang ST hammers hit harder than other hammers.
  • Anyang ST improves the finish of the machined surface, it will reduce friction that makes the ram move more quickly and reduce running temperature.
  • Anyang ST hammer frame is casting, the overall rigidity will better than a fabricated self-contained hammer(over 20-30%) or mechanical hammer or the same weight(over 2-3 times).

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