anyang hammers
STH series power hammer 15kg to 75kg

STH / Power Hammer

Anyang ST self-contained pneumatic power hammers 15kg, 25kg, 40kg, 55kg, and 75kg.

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anyang press
STP series hydraulic press 30 ton and 50 ton

STP / Hydraulic Press

STP hydraulic press is pull-down design, cast frame more solid and own better guide ability than others.

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hydraulic press
New STP-S Hydraulic Press

STP-S/ Hydraulic press

Anyang STP-S series hydraulic press: four columns, one-piece design, saving place, and easy to be moved.

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Anyang ST Story

Anyang ST is one forging machine manufacture local in Anyang, China. We focus on producing Pneumatic Power Hammer and Hydraulic Press for the blacksmith shop professionally.

Anyang ST team has 20+ years of experience in pneumatic forging hammer production, power hammer and press are industrially designed according to China National Standard. All forging machinery got CE certification, hammer and press are exported to the USA, Canada, UK, France, Norway, Australia, Japan, Chile, etc over 40 countries.

Anyang ST will keep improving and designing new products for the blacksmiths, produce good and affordable forging tools for more blacksmiths is our mission.

anyang power hammes
anyang power hammes


If you interest any machine of ours, please contact me feel free, we will quote you in time, Email:

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  1. I would like to inquire about a top fullering die and a top heavy drawing die for my sth-25 pneumatic HAMMER which I bought last june, 2018. I am returning customer.

  2. would like to explore buying a 35 or a 55 Anyang power Hammer. I have emailed to the Texas address more than once and so far have not had a reply. thank you….

    1. Hi Dennis, sorry to reply you late, i had asked our dealer in Mississipi to quote you very soon. hope you will have a good communication.


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