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ANYANG ST Offical Declaration

  •  About Anyang ST Forging Machinery Company

Anyang ST Forging Machinery professional-produced power hammers and hydraulic press for the blacksmith differ from AFP blacksmith forging machines. AFP older designed power hammers that are similar to the Anyang ST hammers only makes up a tiny part of their whole business. The company’s main business relies on heavy industrial machine sales. The niche blacksmith forging tools production market is a very small part of their overall business. That’s the main reason for their delivery time at 4-6 months. 
Anyang ST main focus is on the niche blacksmith tool designs. Anyang ST is constantly improving, producing, upgrading, and optimizing existing designs and exploring new equipment research according to the trending market demands. Anyang ST prepares all-size machines to maintain an inventory stock to make sure all machines can be delivered rapidly in approximately 30-45 days.
ANYANG ST is committed to supplying high-quality and affordable forging equipment for blacksmiths to make forging productive, reliable, and safe. Up to now, our main production is the STH series one-piece power hammer and STP series hydraulic press, STHM series mechanical hammer, STHT series forging tongs, etc., New type forging press (STP-Ⅱ series), separate anvil blacksmith hammer (STHS series), and other new products are under production testing now, and they are expected to be released at early 2021. Offical Declaration.

  • Intellectual property rights and technical patents

China’s air hammer has many years of production history.  China’s air hammer technology was provided by the Soviet Union in the early days of industrialization. Manufacturing of (Air Power Hammers) by Anyang ST and AFP, including approximately 20 other factories in China are currently available to consumers. All the hammers are almost the same design because they originate from the same technical design source. AFP’s “L” type design is not a new technique at all, the main feature of the design is a longer ram to allow the top die to remain out of the cylinder. It had been originally utilized on the Massey hammer some tens years earlier. There are no intellectual property and technology patents at all on this design. The so-called patents of AFP are invalid. This false narrative has been used by some dealers to leverage market conditions with misleading claims. Anyang ST is clear in this fact, Anyang ST designed their hydraulic press earlier than AFP and applied and got the patent, but AFP has infringed on the Anyang ST patent. Then produced a hydraulic press with our patented design and exported to the USA, Australia, UK, etc markets. Anyang ST will open the patent certificate complaint at a later time Anyang ST is confident they will prove they are the true intellectual property owners and prevail judicially as the true and proper IP owners.

  • Dispute between ST and AFP

The dispute between ST and AFP has similarities like the Ford N Series Tractor and Ferguson Tractor split in 1947. Anyang ST produces high-quality power hammers with outstanding and stable performance. Then sells them at an affordable price. This is breaking AFP and their distributors’ monopoly position and high-profit space. This has hit their interests so hard that AFP spread those false claims, even groundless slurs and verbal attacks on Anyang ST reputation. AFP distributors visited us disguised as customers, using deceptive business tactics to enter Anyang ST production site, stealing the production technology and machining equipment. We will show the public exchange of records of JAMES & BRUCE to let all blacksmiths know what really happened in 2018.

  • The quality difference between ST and AFP products

As mentioned above, the blacksmith power hammer only takes a tiny part of the AFP business, they only have 3 people dedicated support team to produce power hammers. Most of their parts and components are outsourced and machined out of AFP manufacturing facilities. Their main business focus is heavy industry and big hammers.

Anyang ST owns and employs a 20 person team, most of them have worked to produce power hammers for 10-30 years in AFP production plants. So our team is experienced. We make special tools and machines to improve efficiency and precision to reduce production costs and increase hammer quality. Even some of the ideas were originally feedback provided to the AFP management team when our team members worked there, but AFP management ignored these employee’s advice superciliously. 

Anyang ST had improved many features of our products in recent years. The following are examples of some of these features.

  • We have designed the casting piston in one piece, to stop piston cap falling risk.
  • Replacing the copper bushing of connecting rod to new alloy steel (the same material on high-speed railway trains) to improve the working life 3-5 times longer.
  • Hammer’s body, die block, working cylinder, and other key parts are designed better to strengthen the integrity of each unit. This improvement reduces vibration & noise. Averaging 8-10% heavier machines than AFP products.
  • New construction hammers and presses are also on the way. We will give more options for blacksmiths and valuable products to their shops.
  • Rights protection

At present, Anyang ST is a government-approved and registered company with a professional team including sales, technology, and production teams. We declare that Anyang ST blacksmith hammer has never been judged by the government for any infringement of intellectual property rights. What AFP posted and promulgated on social media platforms and other internet websites have violated the reputation of the Anyang ST company and private individuals severely, Anyang ST has started to protect our legal rights and fixing our reputation. We’re going to pursue tort liability and compensation of AFP’s Hydraulic press via the judicial process.

Anyang ST is a legally registered company that will respect the law and market rules. We do not engage or succumb to any Illegal act, we believe that the law maintains fairness and justice.

Overview of the pneumatic power hammer in China

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