How much do power hammers cost?

How much do power hammers cost? I received many such questions in email or comments. It’s not a sample question that answer should be yes or no. you have to consider a suit hammer refer to the below factors.

Firstly, Hammer’s size. the buyer should fix a power hammer size, always power hammer for blacksmith size include 15kg, 25kg, 40kg, 55kg, 75kg, etc. the size kilogram means ram weight. Ram weight is a key factor of hammer forging capacity.

Secondly, how to chose one suit size hammer?. Always 15kg power hammer(2800usd) is a wonderful forging tool for bladesmith, she has 300 hits/min frequency, and soft below power. can forge 35mm OD bars. 40kg power hammer (4800USD) is another popular size for a blacksmith. He with a wonderful balance between powerful and controllable. He can forge max. OD bars up to 65mm, with 245 hits/min. frequency. almost can meet most of the ironworks.

Thirdly, Budget. Always bigger hammer means more powerful, can make your working process speedily. but a bigger hammer means higher cost, power hammer machine is a huge investment for a blacksmith. chose a hammer size also should consider money in the pocket.

Last, what kind of power hammers should choose? Power hammers mean use motor or water as a power source, drive crankshaft make rotate to be up and down moving. Anyang ST power hammer is a self-contained power hammer which not needs an extra air compressor, below energy not only relies on Ram gravitational potential energy but also superpose pressure above the ram. so Anyang ST hammer is more powerful than a spring hammer or wheel hammer.

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