What class of lubricating oil is right for the power hammer?

How to choose lubricating oil

Anyang ST power hammers will recommend 5W-40 or 10W-40 lubricating oil depending on different room temperatures. The power hammer working frequency and piston gap is much bigger than engineers, so using the engine oil will be good enough for the hammer.

The hammer working temperature will be around 70 degrees, the thin oil is easy to be volatilized as white smoking, if so, please try to change it to a thick oil.

Oiler Working Principle

The oiler of the power hammer consists of an oil reservoir, a flowing control needle valve, and one-way check valve. it’s one simple but reliable lubricating system.

The compressor cylinder will suck oil from the reservoir When the compressor piston is on the downstroke. When the compressor piston is on its upstroke, the one-way check valve closes to keep oil from flowing back into the reservoir.

lubricating oil
oiler working principle

The right oil can prolong the hammer working life, and reduce the resistance to make the hammer controlling very smooth. normally, Anyang ST power hammers without any maintain in 3-5 years working only make sure the correct lubricating and greasing.

Mineral oil, Semi-synthetic OR Fully synthetic?

The lubricating oil should be mineral, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic. there are many of users to ask such questions. The oil will not recycle in the hammer system, most of the oil will be volatilized to be smoking get out the hammer follow air. and left will store in the bottom of the hammer rear cylinder, the copper valve is used to discharge the oil.

so, mineral oil will be good for the hammer don’t need to pay more to buy synthetic oil. if you want to learn more, please contact at sales@anyangst.com