Anyang ST knife grinding jig is perfect for knife making,

  • adjusted to different angles for absolute accuracy
  • Made of 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy
  • the grinder knife sharpener ensures ultimate durability

An excellent tool for all bladesmiths to grind your knives processing!

knife grinding jig
knife grinding jig Anyang ST

Comfortable Use

There are two 3” tall handles, which can be grasped during operation and move more conveniently.

Anyang ST knife grinding Jig

Anyang ST KNIFE GRINDING JIG made of stainless steel, the jig is durable and will not rust with high-quality assurance.

knife grinding jig

Adjustable Angle

The tool’s inclination can be adjusted from 85~115 degrees more closely with the abrasive belt by the simple manual rotation.

Widely Used

This knife grinding jig is perfect for pairing with the belt sander, grinding machine, sharpening machine, belt knife sharpener, etc.