Anyang ST power hammers 15kg to 75kg

Our Approach

Let all blacksmiths can own their good and affordable forging tools is Anyang ST Approach.

Our Story

Anyang ST Forging Machinery focuses on self-contained power hammer and hydraulic press design and manufactures for the blacksmith shop. STH series power hammers include 15kg, 25kg, 40kg, 55kg, 75kg, and 110kg, STP series hydraulic press includes 30 tons and 50 tons. All of our machinery got CE certification, our working team has over 20 years of experience in producing power hammers. Forging machines exported to the USA, Canada, UK, France, Norway, Australia, Philippines, Argentina, etc over 40 countries till now.

Overview of the pneumatic power hammer in China.

Anyang ST forging machinery plant construction planing

Manufacture Ability

We have a whole production supply chain to make sure our power hammers have good quality and no stop improving, we have an engineering group to optimize design, good casting and forging supplier for machine parts material, we have our machining workshop include CNC lathers, CNC boring mill, grinding machine, drilling machine, 10 ton Crane, etc whole machine line for power hammer and hydraulic press production.

anyang st hammer
15kg power hammer

Customized Painting

Anyang ST accept customized painting service, to make every hammer will be your favorite one.

anyang st hammer
frame drilled holes

Drill holes on frame

Big drilling machines can drill all holes on hammer frames 15kg to 75kg.

boring cylinder

Boring Hammer Cylinder

CNC boring machine can treat hammer cylinders one time.

power hammers frame casting
anyang power hammer production sight

Next Steps…

Anyang ST will not stop to develop forging tools for blacksmith shop, hydraulic press 30 ton and 50 ton have come out, more other tools on the way.